Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hopes and Dreams

I am a teacher in a public charter school in Washington, DC. The academic year is underway as we prepare to enter our third week of school. The students and teachers are still readjusting from the restful and thoughtful summer. As we do every year, we set out our Hopes and Dreams, helping all of us to focus on how we will have a successful school year. Yet, this year was a bit different. We had a Hope and Dreams Balloon Launch! All of the students on Leadership Hall wrote their academic hopes and dreams as well as their social hopes and dreams. After carefully drafting and editing them, they put them on sticky notes, carefully folded them, and stuffed them in balloons. We blew them up with a helium tank and walked outside to our rather large play yard. All fifth and sixth grade classes came out with their balloons in hand. It was such a sight to see. They were so excited, as well as the teachers! They yelled a harambe poem in unison. I then stood in the middle of all the classes and told them how proud we were of them and of all the things they would accomplish. I also encouraged them to take the moment seriously. I told them to let their balloons go on the count of three. "One-two-three!" The balloons were off to who knows where...maybe parts of DC, Maryland, or even Virginia! The kids were jumping up and down, screaming, watching their hopes and dreams fly off into the air as they claimed victory for themselves. It was an incredible moment!

My kids are in Georgia right now. I will be going to pick them up in a few days. Guess what is one of the first things we will do? Get our own Hopes and Dreams going. I know my boys are going to lose their minds as they see their balloons fly off into the air.

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