Monday, February 22, 2010

Still Learning...

I was thinking about my boys and the things I have learned as a dad over the last couple of days.  Just thoughts...

1)  This takes work!
2)  I have to give my boys more credit than I do.
3)  I have to trust that they will put into practice what I teach them.
4)  They do listen to me.
5)  They often follow the examples that I do, whether good or bad.
6)  They are boys, not men; so I cannot give them a man's responsibility...yet.
7)  They are boys, not men; so I cannot expect to act like a man.  I have to allow them to be...boys.
8)  They know more than what I give them credit for.
9)  I need to speak to them in a calm voice...more often.
10) Freedom is often harder to give up than I expected...they are growing up and I have to allow them to.
11) I have to get more advice about how to raise them...I have never raised a ten year old and a six year old before.  Each day is new.
12) They do want to spend time with me; I have to make that time happen and make it special.
13) There are times when they don't want to spend time with me.  I have to make that time happen and let it be special for them. 
14)  There are times when I might not want to be around them...I need space, and that's okay.
15)  I need to spend more time with my wife, and let them know and understand that she is the larger priority; she was and is first.
16)  I must give them time to create their own long friendships even at this age.
17)  They can be impatient; I can't.
18)  They are needy, even when they act as if they are not.
19)  They like to be wrestled.
20)  I gotta read more books about boys and how to raise them.
21)  I must guide them spiritually and morally correct.
22)  I cannot raise them in the same way...they are different.
23)  They like dessert more than dinner.
24)  They like to feel special too.
25)  This is expensive.

Take some time and reflect on the things you have learned from your children. There are lessons right in front of you.  Don't think so, leave them alone for 5 minutes in the house-you'll see!  I would love to hear what you are learning.  You know I am NOS!