Sunday, January 3, 2010

Keep Singing Dad...Keep Singing!

I was in a holiday concert this past blistery weekend.  It was phenomenol!  We had a lot of fantastic acts and a lot of good fun.  Well, at the end of the two hour concert, we introduced all of the members of the band and of the group, Shades of Vision (of which I have I have sung with for the last 13 years).  As the band played a funky rendition of 'Funkin' for Jamaica', one of the group members introduced me.  I could talk about family, my life, and any other thing I felt necessary that would describe me.  I began singing and then talking about my family, who were 'sitting' stage left. 

"I have a beautiful wife of twelve years and two...two...", I said as I was center stage.

As I was pointing and talking, my two handsome, energetic boys were jumping up and down, with everyone of their teeth showing, giving their unyeilding support for their performing dad.

"My two...boys", I finished my sentence.  I was pointing, the boys were jumping, and the audience was laughing.  It was a great moment.

What a night.  People fought the temptation to stay in their warm house to come in the 20 degree weather.  The food was great, at least from what I heard.  The singers were sensational!  My wife was more gorgeous than words can say.  Yet, my highlight was watching my 10 and 6 year old boys jumping up and down celebrating their dad...words cannot express.

I hope and pray that God will give you many celebrations this year.  Look for those victories and celebrations each day.  Tell me about some celebrations you have had already.  I am NOS in celebrating with you...