Monday, July 23, 2012

Home Schooling

I wonder at times if I am doing this right.  This parenting thing. Have you ever thought this?  Actually, you may not have...but I have.

Tasks I would consider easy seem to become scientific problems for NASA here.  As I was writing this, one of my boys became so frustrated with one of the chores he was doing because...just because.  My fingers left the keyboard and went to help him.  I took some time and showed him how to do it.  And he got it.  And he was grateful.  And that was it. 

I have to remember this.  I have to take the time to demonstrate my expectations.  I have to take the time.  I have to.

I am twenty years old (+++) and my boys are still in elementary and middle school.  I've had a wealth of life changing experiences, where they have had a max of 13 years of simple life.  The reminders, given over and over and over and...(whew) and over again are necessary for them.  As a matter of fact, some adults get constant reminders, over and over again.  In fact, some who are reading this get reminders over and over again.  I digress.

Dads, I am well aware that we expect so much from our children.  Let's remember that we are raising CHILDREN.  As exhausting as it can sometimes be, they need our constant example.  So give it. Be it.  Be mindful that examples can be a sharp contrast to directives.

I am NOS...