Saturday, December 19, 2009

But Mom, That's Not What I Said"

So we are sitting at the dining room table eating dinner.  My youngest tells us that he is not that hungry.  He gnaws at his chicken a little more, gives up, puts it back on his plate and tells us, "I'm finished".  He then takes his styrofoam plate to the trash (we're tired of washing dishes!) and throws it away with the chicken and pasta still on the plate.  He then comes back to the table reaching for a candy cane.

"What are you doing?", we ask.

"I am getting a candy cane", he says with confidence.

"Sorry son, you just said that you were full".

He looks at us with a confused look on his face. "I didn't say I was full."

"Yes you did.  You said that you were full!", we say with FULL confidence.  I am standing ground here.  I know, it's just a candy cane, but it's the principle!

"Dad, I didn't say I was full", he says again.  He is standing his ground as well.  How are you gonna stand ground against a thirty-se...against an adult?

"Son, you sat right there and said you were full!"

"Mom, Dad, I said that I was not that hungry.  I did not say I was full!"

My wife and I look at each other on the sly feeling...BUSTED!!!!!!!!!!  He was right.  He never said he was full.  He was soooo right.  My wife and I felt ridiculously deflated. we just got gonged on the infamous Gong Show.

I am reminded that you can learn lessons from anything and anyone.  My youngest reminded me of that.  God puts those lessons in front of you from anywhere.  Tell me of some stories that your tender sacraments of Him have taught you.  I am in a NOS mode...