Friday, November 27, 2009

Can I Get You Something To Drink?

Thanksgiving dinner was awesome!  There was juicy meats and and sauteed vegetables all over the table.  We had a few friends over as well to share in the joyous festivities.  The football game was on loud and clear on the tube (will the Detroit Lions ever win a Thanksgiving Day football game?) and people were talking and laughing...and some falling asleep.  It was a wonderful sight.

Well, my boys put on the 'apron' and began asking people, "Would you like anything to drink?"  It took and my wife aback for a second.  They circulated the room and asked just about everyone who did not have a drink.  It was wonderful.  My boys are serving!  They were so excited to have people over the house. 

Question- why did they never ask me or my wife? Show offs!

The Bassman is NOS...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm So Thankful For...

The other day, I went to my boys' school for their annual Thanksgiving Holiday service.  The Head of School told what he was thankful for.  He said how he was grateful for the big things, such as students, faculty, and family.  He also said he was thankful for the simple things, such as pencils and rulers, kids who look him in the eye when they greet him, and students who don't.  It was very heart warming and reflective.

Well, it's my turn. 
I am thankful for my fantastic life, full of its ups and downs.
I am thankful for my dazzling wife, who has taken me leaps and bounds.
I am thankful for my fun-loving boys, who keep my life alive.
I am thankful for their numerous toys, and how they keep them busy when often times I can't.
I am thankful for my wonderful Maryland home-it helps to keep us warm.
And thankful that I have a place that keeps us safe from the storms.
I am thankful that God has given me a chance to teach, where even I have learned alot.
I am thankful that I have students that I can reach, and teach them how to cope when Life puts them on the spot.
I am thankful that I have big, brown eyes to see; I can see the color purple and red.
I thank God that I have a big mouth to speak, and sing songs of how for me He bled.

I am thankful that I am a dad.  I am thankful that my boys actually like me.
I am thankful for my close friends, who keep me in check.
I am thankful that I can listen to music, make music, be music.
I am thankful that I can worship freely in whatever way I want to.
I can read, write, speak, talk, hear, taste, smell, touch, and feel.  I can kick a soccer ball.  I can run. I can type this blog.  I can make a decent stack of pancakes.  I even can go to IHOP and get a decent stack of pancakes. I am thankful that I know a lot of things.  I am thankful that I am clueless to a lot of things.  I am even thankful that there are things I don't want to know. 

Man, I have so much to be grateful for.  Some things are silly, some are heart warming, and some serious.  If I kept writing, this blog could be pages long.

I thank God for being...God, and God alone.
I thank God for not allowing me to be God.
I finally thank YOU for reading these thoughts.

I challenge you to find time and think about what you are grateful for-not just at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but also on your birthday, Flag Day, Lincoln's birthday, and even March 16th!  I have No Off Season in hearing about what you are grateful for.

Be blessed and have a great holiday season. 'Nuff Love!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Boys Keep Me Alive!

My youngest son turned 6 years old this past week and did not let us forget it.  Funny!  We went to our boys' parent teacher conferences and both teachers said they are doing extremely well.  Awesome!  The oldest has become a ridiculous Washington Redskins fan (even though they have not been that successful lately).  Oh well!  My youngest started singing (half screaming) Whitney Houston's "I Go To The Rock" in Famous Dave's Restaurant, full with performance moves.  Hilarious!  Another friend told me that she threw up all over her child...and the child celebrated the event by clapping! Nice! These are just some of the things that happened...this weekend!  Can you imagine the rest of the week?

This weekend has shown me, yet again, that I always need to celebrate being a parent.  It is so much fun, and work, and joy, and stress, and love, and ...(you get the point!).

Tell me some stories of how your kids keep you vibrant, on the move, alive!  I can't wait to read the stories (and crack up laughing!).  I am NOS in parenting, laughter, happiness....Peace.