Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fight! Fight!

I was teaching a class the other day.  We were reading a class novel.  In a part of the story, there was an uncle who said that boys fight as a part of growing up.  I opened this up for discussion because the school's theme for the month is respect.  I mentioned two boys in the class who I know have been in fights (because I have had to break them up) and mentioned that I know they are not afraid of fighting.  They smiled in agreement.  I asked the class if they believed that fighting is a natural part of growing up.  Most of the students said yes.  I strongly objected.  I then mentioned that I had never been in a fight with anyone.  Mouths dropped!  Some of the students could not believe it.  I told them that I have never been in a fight at school, or even with my brother.  I said that I believe that there are different ways of being able to handle yourself and different confrontational situations.

"You have never been in a fight?", a young lady said.


"Not even in a fight with your brother or an argument?", another said.

"No.  I think you can be successful and still handle situations differently."  I then continued on with the story.  I looked up every now and then and saw some of the students were still stunned.

What do you think?  I could go on and on about what can tick a person off.  Yet, do you think fights, or even confrontations are possible to avoid?  I have heard parents, and especially fathers tell their children that if someone hits you, hit back!  Whachathink?  I'm NOS in wanting to learn...