Saturday, December 12, 2009

You Need To Do Your Chores!

I got tired.  I really got tired.  Tired of coming to my house and seeing everything out of order.  I would straighten one thing up and another would get messed up.  So I would straighten that up, and then, the first thing I messed up again!

So the Lord touched.  Better yet, he smacked me upside the upper left side of my neck and reminded me that I had two boys sitting... on the couch... watching... TV.  Two additional helpers.  What a coincidence!  Why did I not think of this earlier?  They need to be helping!  So I devise this great scheme -- make them help me with the house! brilliant!

So I sit down at the kitchen/ breakfast/ homework/ mail collector/ pseudo business office/ conference table and devise a plan.  I then summoned the boys to the multi-purpose table and asked them what they thought would be some good chores for them to do.  I knew there would be some resistance.  They said some stuff like 'make up their bed' or 'straighten up their room when it gets messy', you know, things they are supposed to do.  Those are non-negotiables.  So I asked them what other things could they do.  The oldest said he could help load and unload the dishwasher as well as take out the recycling.  The youngest said he can pack the recycling into one small area as well as sweep the kitchen floor (since it seems like more rice is on the floor in his area than stays on his plate!). 

I agreed to these.  It's a start.  What I want to do is get them to a point where I don't have to say a word and they just do what they are supposed to do.  BUT HOW LONG WILL THAT TAKE?????  I need your input, family.  I am in a NOS mode to know...

BTW...what age can I get them to start folding my clothes?  I'm just sayin'...