Saturday, July 2, 2011

Be Specific!

I love the fact that I have some really good friends who give sound advice. In a quick conversation, I received so much wisdom. I have a friend who told me he was studying the book of Job. In the first chapter, Job prayed for each of his children by name and was very specific.  He prayed for each one specifically each day.  My friend, (let's give him a name -- Big Frank) started the same routine as Job.  He began praying for his kids and family according to their specific needs and desires.  As he prays, he thinks about where they are and what they are possibly doing at that time. Big Frank said these in-depth prayers have brought him so much closer to his family.

This was so elementary and yet very profound. I pray for my boys often times superficially: “God, protect my boys.”, or “God, give my boys wisdom and keep them safe.” I am now striving to pray specific prayers. I now pray about my oldest son’s schooling, developing friendships, his ‘tween’ years and his walk with God. For my youngest to develop better reading habits, his friendships to increase and deepen, obedience when directives are given, and that he desires a stronger walk with God. There are so many other things, but that could take all day to read…

Dads (moms too!), let’s pick up our consideration and prayers for our family. Maybe you already do this. If so, keep it up! If not, how much closer to your family God will allow you to be. Your thoughts. I’m The Bassman and I have No Off Season.