Monday, November 30, 2009

Mom, Dad...I've Got a Proposal

We were siting at the dinner table eating the best of Thanksgiving leftovers.  My oldest is sitting across the table from me eating the remnants of the macaroni and cheese, when all of the sudden, he says, "Mom, Dad, you know I like money, right?"

"Yes son.", I say as I am thinking that this is already starting to be an interesting conversation.

"I was thinking that I could start a tea stand after church and sell the tea to everyone who is getting sick.", he says with a gleeming smile on his face.  I was right---this will be an interesting conversation.  My wife, P, and I are really not sure where this is going but he continues to explain his entire idea with careful thought and confidence.  He mentions how much he should sell each item for and how the money he raises could subsidize for his allowance. 

Now the conversation is getting intriguing for P and I.  So I ask, "Where and how will you get this tea?"

"Well, I was thinking that since we get it from New York, Ama Shirley can send it to us in the mail or by UPS or Fedex, daily. You pack it, we ship it!"

Stitches!!!  What in the world!  My wife and I are cracking up now.  I was thoroughly surprised at how much he had thought about this.

"Well son, do you want the stand by the concession stand or by the front doors where everyone enters and leaves?", I say, trying to provoke some more thoughtful responses.

"Hmmm, I need to think that one through, but maybe by the snack stand.", he says.  By this time, he stopped eating the macaroni.  He was all business!

"But the restroom is right beside it as well."

"Hmmm, I didn't think of that", he says with a pensive tone.

After asking some more probing and thought-provoking questions, I challenged him to write a detailed proposal by Friday.  P and I would look at it and give him some thoughtful feedback.  But I must say, we were both extremely proud.  My son was thinking like a businessman.  Tea stand today, owner of 75% of Dubai property tomorrow, or maybe SEC Chairman, or maybe AOL CEO, or maybe Wharton School of Business professor, or Secretary of the Treasury, or maybe...

Do you really think I am gonna let this one slide?  Best believe I am gonna ask him on Friday how this proposal is coming along.  This could potentially be college tuition! Any suggestions on how to continue to nurture this?  You know I am NOS...
(And no, I am not gonna put that much pressure on him this Friday-he's only 10; but on his next birthday is another story!)