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Loss or Defeat? Lessons from the Pinewood Derby

It was the night. The night of all nights. It was the night we had anticipated for quite some time. It was the night...of the Pinewood Derby. Our car was ready. It was named the Cool Man Lamborghini. Cars from all over the land (well, the local Cub Scout troop) came to compete. Great designs, fast designs, and some silly designs.
     The track was ready. It looked sleek and very fast tonight. The judges placed the cars on the track and the excitement intensified. Cool Man Lambourgini was the #19 car. Red. Aerodynamic. Ready. The judge yelled, "Ready!" And they were off. The #19 car got off to a fast start. Oh snap!The car in lane one slid off the track! And so we can in 3rd on the first heat. Drivers (Cub Scouts) made adjustments to their cars and we were readied for the 2nd heat. They raced down the track. The smell of tires burning and engine exhaust (work with me here) was everywhere. Yet, we got 4th place. My son's eyes looked disappointed, but we reminded him…

A Moment

It was nothing fancy. Nothing awe inspiring or even fascinating. I was sitting with my two boys, 13 & 9, eating breakfast dinner (a family favorite) at the breakfast, dinner, work table. And the two of them were...just talking together.  It was if I wasn't even there. I didn't utter a word. I loved it. I know there are many siblings that don't always get along.  For that reason, mine don't always get along. But moments like his are...priceless.  I should have recorded it.

I have NOS.