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Before you go, I have to tell you this...

My wife and oldest son had been feverishly preparing for this for over two years. A sojourn to Egypt is what monopolized the attention of this house for about the past week. We've been packing, buying last minute items, and anticipating an almost 24-hour travel. As my wife was packing at the gorgeous time of 4:15 am, I was writing some thoughts to my son. I was giving him advice-technical, moral, physical, and spiritual advice. Even while cutting his hair last night, I was advising him. At the end of the letter, I gave him my blessing.

I wrote a letter to Paula as well. And just like the one to my son, I gave her the same type of advice, just more seasoned for her needs. And at the end of the letter, I gave her my blessing. I packed the letters away in their suitcases. They won't see them until they reach their hotel in Egypt.

I learned and was reminded of a couple of things from their upcoming experience. First, perseverance has its rewards. They stuck this program out for over two years when a lot of others were unable to complete it. Secondly, I have to continue to infuse my family with advice and wisdom. Proverbs speaks of this often. Lastly, I learned that I have to bless my family. Sending them off with my blessing, and even more importantly, God's blessing helps me feel so much more secure in knowing that they will have a fantastic time.

Give me your feedback on how these penned words have affected you. It's easy to leave your loved ones each day in a haste without truly giving them what they need to hear and feel. Leave your comments-I have no off season in learning...


  1. Wow! I think that is wonderful! As you said, in our daily lives, it's easy to "go about our own mission" without taking time to give parting words of love, encouragement and wisdom to our loved ones! I had no idea they were going to Egypt! And, the fact that they have been preparing for 2 years says alot about their character! Love Y'all! God Bless & God Speed!

  2. The comment above is from me ... Carol Stockton. I didn't know what they meant about choose a post .... so I ended up choosing Anonymous!

  3. OK, after your last blog, I was concerned! But you redeemed yourself with this one! How thoughtful that your wife and son will see those letters! Keep it up Dijon!


  4. Dijon, I agree wholeheartedly with you about making sure we bless our loved ones and not just pray for them. Let them know that they have your blessing at all times.

    My son knows that I continuously pray for him because I tell him. Our loved ones need to know that we are praying for them.

    Your wife and son will be in my prayers as they explore new territory. Kudos!!

    Kesha Brooks

  5. Dijon,
    Your family is blessed even as you continue to bless them. Those letters will mean so much to them so far from home and all that is familiar. Your kind words and thoughtfulness will not go unnoticed.

  6. Your family will be so encouraged to open and read those letters when they get to the other side of the planet. Your story is a great reminder that we need to make sure our families know that they're loved and cared for.
    Typically, when I leave for work, I am the only person awake in the house. For that reason, I always do my best to make sure that my last contact with my kids the night before is a positive one. Unfortunately, it isn't always happy, and then I feel pretty lousy leaving the next morning and always make sure I make a phone call home from the office.

  7. You are a wonderful father and husband.


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