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I Know You're Out Of School, But You Still Have Work To Do!

If you are on the east coast, you have been pounded by the snow, or as it has been affectionately named, 'Snowmageddon'!  Well, my boys have been out of school since Monday and it doesn't look like they are going back until Tuesday.  After a while, being stuck in the house, you can get cabin fever.  Especially if you are used to being out most of the day.  Well, my boys are not really suffereing from that.  They aren't really getting on our nerves.  They are actually really good.  We have played board games as a family, played in the snow, and relaxed and watched TV.  I have had to be creative myself during these times.  I have played the games, watched some soccer, cooked a little more and shoveled a little more.

Yet, I am a still teacher, by occupation and life!

So I was sitting at the computer devising a lesson dealing with African American History for my boys.  They had no clue of what was going on.  As they finished watching their episode of Phineas and Ferb, I summoned them to the table and told them the lesson. 

"Boys, you are going to be making a biographical cube on a historical African American figure or movement.  You will be working together and it is due on Friday."  In one of the last blogs, I mentioned how their mouths dropped when they owed me money.  Well, imagine those same lips on the floor again.  You could see it all over their faces.  I can tell you what they were thinking:

  • "But we're not in school."

  • "But it's snowing outside"

  • "Don't we get a break?"

  • "But what about Phineas and Ferb?"

  • "Do we have to?"

  • "I thought you loved us?"  

  • "Can I have lunch instead?"  
I figured this -- they would be in school anyway learning from some incredible teachers.  I might as well continue the process at home.  Let's not break up a good thing!  I was only frustrated with myself that I had not come up with this when the snow first started. 

Although everyone is not a teacher by occupation, they are a teacher.  I am also reminded that kids will be kids.  When offering fun over work, the latter will most likely lose.  I want to instill that work comes before play (in every area of life) in our world.  Although my boys are not lazy (well, most of the time), they need to understand this principle.  Play is so much more enjoyable when you have done your work. 

What are some things you are doing to keep your kids occupied during Snowmaggedon? Or are they driving you insane?  Or are you planning a trip to the Bahamas (without them)?  I would love some feedback.  I am NOS...


  1. During the summer, the kids have "school" everyday. My wife prepares lessons for each child and they spend a couple of hours each day working on them.


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