Monday, December 24, 2012

Baby Shark (doo doo doo...)

Our family loves to watch  'Shark Tank'.  Its an incredible show that entrepreneurs get the
chance to pitch their ideas to business owners for financial backing.  We love it for the cut-throat negotiations and the brilliant ideas of those needing business help.  Well, those business ideas have streamed down to our intuitive boys.  They are always thinking of ideas to build a business and make money.  Well, the youngest came up with this fantastic idea. For real, it was outright ingenious!
So the conversation on this great concept came to the breakfast/ dinner/ work/ office/ idea...table. 

"Dijon, did your son tell you about his business idea?", my wife says.  His face lit up at the opportunity to tell.

"Okay son.  Well, you have to pitch this as if you are presenting to the Sharks.  Think your idea through and be ready to present.", I said.

"Okay." And so he began to think it through.  A silence swept across the breakfast/ dinner...(you get the idea) table.  And the pitch began.  "I want $25,000 for 25% in my company.", he said. 

We had all the sharks at the table too.  The mock negotiations began and it was intense! Since I'm Black and formerly bald-headed, I had to be Damon. Nice.  "I'll give you the 25,000, but I want 40% equity in your company.", I said. He hesitated. My oldest started screaming, "Well since you have no sales, I'm Out! I'm all about the money!"  After everything was said and done, it was fun time exploring ideas and a great learning experience.

I'm learning not to squash the excessive ideas that flow out of the minds of my children (and my wife).  It reminds me that I have to invest in them, their thoughts, ideas, and dreams.  Someone took the time to invest in me.  I don't just speak of my parents, although they were my greatest investors. I have other friends who have put time and thought into my own life and well being.  How much more do I for my children. 

Learning. I'm a man with NOS.

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